KONTAKT the independent M&A boutique

Kontakt is an Iceland based Corporate Finance advisor, providing private business owners and investors with independent and impartial advice on their growth and exit strategies. We work with client businesses in a variety of sectors and our services include:

  • M&A transactions, buy and sell side
  • Independent valuation and consulting for business owners or investor
  • Sourcing investment opportunities, investors, and financing in Iceland and abroad.
  • Financial and operational restructuring and consulting.

Company sale

Kontakt specializes in the sales process of companies and business units. Kontakt manages the process, which involves preparing a sales plan, company valuation, sales promotions, identifying potential buyers and finding the right buyer. Kontakt then mediates the bidding process and manages negotiations ensuring that transactions are completed correctly.

Finding investment opportunities

Kontakt works on behalf of investors looking for investment opportunities. Kontakt identifies potential opportunities, analyzes them, evaluates market conditions, competition and other factors. Kontakt then mediates on bidding, negotiations, and the completion of transactions.

Merger of companies

Kontakt helps identify potential targets and provides advice on valuation as well as assessment of the effects of the merger, e.g. synergies and savings on operational expenses.


Kontakt undertakes to make an independent valuation of the operations of companies for their owners that will be useful in case of a sale or merger, financing or restructuring. Such a valuation is mostly based on numerical facts such as official figures or data obtained by the buyer or offered by the seller. Effort is made to talk to the company's management to give a fuller picture of the operation, but no actual due diligence is conducted.

The Team


Brynhildur Bergþórsdóttir


E-mail: brynhildur@kontakt.is Tel: +354 868 8648


Gunnar Svavarsson

Partner / Chairman

E-mail: gunnar@kontakt.is Tel: +354 892 1470


Sverrir Sigursveinsson

Partner / CEO

E-mail: sverrir@kontakt.isTel: +354 659 6575

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